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Waterwood Estates - Orange, TX
This page was last updated: 4 November, 2015
After a thunderstorm and torrential downpour on Sunday afternoon, July 25th a beautiful double rainbow appeared. In case you didn't see the rainbows, here are some photos:
Ron Jackson
Jim Higgins
Rosemary Higgins
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Marla Zoch - Congratulations for Hole-in-One

Marla hit it big Saturday (August, 14) at Sunset Country Club when she scored a hole-in-one with a fariway wood  on the Par 3, 123-yard No. 12 hole. 
Our navigatable Bayou is  one of Waterwood's greatest features and assets!   Please respect our waterway and your neighbors by bagging your yard trash and hauling away for proper disposal.  Not only  is this debris unsightly, but it sinks to the bottom contributing to filling in of the canals.